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Running Program by Physiotherapists (Who Actually Run!)

running injury physiotherapy near me


Physiotherapist with specialized running injury training and 9+ years of experience treating casual runners, half marathon runners, marathon runners, and ultra-marathon runners.

An initial assessment specific to running, including analysis of technique, muscle recruitment, movement patterns and strength.

Review your shoes to make sure they are appropriate for your running style.

Hands-on treatment to improve mobility, decrease pain and help you with exercises.

An individualized home exercise program to improve upon your weaknesses, increase your performance and prevent injury.

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January Muhlbeier Physiotherapist

Meet January Muhlbeier

Running is hands-down one of the most versatile and accessible forms of full-body exercise. All you really need is a pair of shoes (usually), a surface to run on, and you’re good to go! The possibilities are endless, whether it’s trail running, cross-country, barefoot, winter, sprinting, jogging, 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, marathons, ultra-distance, triathlons, Ironmans, treadmill, track, or just chasing after your kids, your dog, or your secret pet raccoon named Jerry (we won’t tell anyone!).


The beauty of running is that it’s something we can enjoy throughout our lives. We start as kids, and I’ve had the pleasure of treating people of all ages and experience levels.


I’m always in awe of runners. The passion and dedication you put into running are truly inspiring. That’s why my first continuing education course after school was all about running injury treatment and prevention. I’ve since worked with all sorts of runners, from casual weekend warriors to ultra-marathon enthusiasts. For four years, I was part of a multi-disciplinary team that included a sports medicine physician, an orthotist, a running coach, and me, the physiotherapist! We helped runners recover from injuries and fine-tune their technique to reach new personal bests.


Working with so many different runners has shown me the importance of a holistic approach to help you achieve your goals. I can’t wait to meet you and get started on this exciting journey together!


Read about Running Specific Assessments below

Running Specific Assessments

My aim is to create running assessments tailored to your needs, focusing on your concerns, strengths, and weaknesses. No matter if you’re a sprinter or a long-distance runner, I’m here to help you move more efficiently. We’ll dive into movement analysis and physical assessments by carrying out running-specific tasks and using video to examine your technique.

Together, we’ll develop an action plan to ease your pain and fine-tune your running style, boosting your confidence with every stride. Your customized interventions may involve running-focused workouts, movement drills, muscle re-patterning exercises, hands-on manual therapy, and additional treatments as needed.

Some common issues we often tackle include hip and knee pain, hamstring tendinosis, glute discomfort, back pain, ankle sprains, and Achilles tendinosis. So, let’s get started on helping you conquer your running challenges and reach your full potential!

Technique Analysis

Thanks to the wonders of modern video tech, it’s never been simpler to analyze your running technique. Many injuries can be sidestepped or managed by tweaking your stride or rhythm. The first step to improving your movement is actually seeing how you move!

Muscle Recruitment

Running is all about striking that perfect balance of efficiency, power, and stability. To run effortlessly and dodge those pesky injuries, it’s crucial to recruit your muscles effectively. By optimizing muscle recruitment timing and using the right techniques, you’ll boost your running performance and keep pain at bay.

Strength Assessment

Whether you’re into sprints or marathons, your lower body, core, and upper body strength and coordination are key. We’ll run a personalized assessment to pinpoint your weak spots and figure out how to tackle them. This will help you run better, hurt less, and enjoy the sport even more.

Shoe Review

Different types of training and foot strike preferences call for different shoes. Let’s review your current kicks to ensure they’re supporting you and your goals. If you’re puzzled about uneven shoe wear, we’ll join forces to uncover the perfect solution.

Hands-on Intervention

Our in-clinic treatment options will give you insights into moving more smoothly. Plus, it complements your exercise plan. Expect hands-on therapies like soft tissue techniques, intra-muscular stimulation, functional dry needling, cupping, or joint mobilizations.

Therapeutic Exercise

Every in-clinic treatment plan comes with a tailor-made home exercise program to address your unique needs. With a focus on balance, strength, proprioception, and range of motion, our goal is to get you running faster and completely pain-free. So, let’s do this together!

Ready To Improve Your Running Technique and Prevent Injury?

Book an appointment with one of our experienced physiotherapists today and take the first step toward achieving your running goals.

Running Injury Treatment Calgary FAQs

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