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Physiotherapy knowledge & techniques + Yoga principles of mindful movement

PhysioYoga Logo

No Yoga experience necessary!

PhysioYoga is:
  • Tailored for you; your experience, your body, your goals
  • Private 1-hour one-on-one sessions
  • Billable through insurance
Yoga is an outstanding tool for enhancing your movement because it offers:
  • BODY-WEIGHT RESISTED STRENGTHENING which is more functional for your everyday movement
  • BALANCE TRAINING for injury and fall prevention
  • FLEXIBILITY for full range of movement in all joints for optimal function
  • A VARIETY OF NOVEL MOVEMENT to address habitual patterns and areas of weakness
  • BREATHING AWARENESS to deactivate a pain-sensitized nervous system
  • MINDFUL MOVEMENT for global care of your mind, body and spirit
PhysioYoga has the added benefits of being:
  • SUPPORTIVE: Props such as blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets make the poses accessible regardless of your current capabilities
  • PERSONALIZED: Modifications and progressions to fit your body’s strengths, limitations and needs
  • CUSTOMIZED: Goal-oriented individualized routines to optimize movement in all regions of your body
  • HANDS-ON: Adjustments implementing physiotherapy skills (ie: myofascial and muscle release techniques, needling, cupping, etc) to combine therapeutic intervention with yoga practice

All poses are designed to be transferable from the clinic setting to the comfort of your own home so that yoga can become part of your life too!

For questions or to book your PhysioYoga appointment or for a free consultation please respond to this email or call Maximum Potential Physiotherapy at 403-744-5048

Meet Jess, Our PhysioYoga Instructor

Jessica Claflin Physiotherapist Photo

Jessica Claflin


Jessica came to Physiotherapy by way of Veterinary Sciences. As a Veterinary Nurse (Animal Health Technician), she was inspired by the remarkable outcomes she was seeing in my four-legged patients who received physiotherapy. Her desire to learn more motivated me to return to school. She graduated with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from…



I have been doing yoga for years. What does PhysioYoga have to offer that I’m not getting in a yoga class?

Maybe nothing. Possibly everything.

When we meet my question to you will start with “Where is your practice now, and where would you like to go?” In my experience, each class and each teacher has something new, different and enlightening to offer. What I hope to offer you is a deepening awareness of alignment and biomechanics for injury prevention, modifications and adjustments that can enhance your experience, and progressions that can help you achieve your goals.

I have never done yoga, and frankly, I don’t think I can. Why should I give PhysioYoga a try?

In this case my question to you would be “What is your impression of yoga?” For many people (including me at first) yoga is thought to involve many contortionist-like positions or balancing on your head. For some people it is, and that is great! But yoga, as it was originally intended, is nothing more than moving (or not moving) in a way that is supportive for your body and feeds your soul. If that is something you’re interested in exploring, I would love to be your guide.

I tried yoga and hated it. Why on earth would I want to do PhysioYoga?

If this is you, one of the first questions I will ask you is “What did you hate about your yoga experience?” PhysioYoga is a one-on-one experience, and as such, can be adjusted to accommodate you. Whatever you hated about yoga, I bet I can modify to make the experience enjoyable and beneficial for you. You may even love it!

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