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If you're after an effective physiotherapy session or looking for other related services like massage therapy, IMS therapy to get rid of ongoing health issues, Maximum potential is the answer! With a growing number of successful treatments delivered to our valuable clients, you can be confident about joining hands with us to achieve your desired health goals.

Physiotherapy Hounsfield Heights AB

If you are searching for a physiotherapy specialist in Hounsfield Heights, AB, Maximum Potential is one of the leading choices. As an industry leader, we offer expert treatment for a wide range of problems, from everyday concerns such as a sore back or neck to sports or work related injuries.

It is our greatest asset to provide you with physiotherapists who are both experienced and skilled to ensure that your most valuable possession - your health - is returned to its greatest capacity and is free of discomfort. With each and every patient, we're aiming for 100% treatment satisfaction.

Effective Physiotherapy Services

We know how important it is to cultivate an unmatched level of customer service here at our clinic. A lot of patients have seen us in the past and we have a high recommendation rate from them that attests to our attention to detail and quality of care.

Some of the Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, and IMS Therapy services that we offer at Maximum Potential for people residing in the Hounsfield Heights consists of:


Massage Therapy


Cupping Therapy

Manual Therapy

Therapeutic Exercise

And More!

Have questions about how you can benefit from Maximum Potential in Hounsfield Heights? Call us today at (403) 744-5048. At Maximum Potential, we are dedicated to providing our patients with quality care with compassion and integrity.

And we additionally serve these local areas: 

St. Andrews Heights

University Heights


West Hillhurst

Banff Trail

Upper Hillhurst

Capitol Hill



West Springs


and more.

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