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Surprisingly Quick Relief of Muscular Pain with Cupping

Cupping Therapy Calgary NW

What is Cupping Therapy?

You can read about cupping therapy all over the internet and get a lot of mixed information about it. To make things clear, we use cupping to treat muscles and it works amazingly!
Cupping is an effective method to get rid of muscle tension and pain. It also improves the overall functioning of the body. Furthermore, it proves to be better than other techniques used.

It works by forming a vacuum between the cup and your skin. We have different cupping methods available such as dynamic cupping, myofascial cupping, fire glass cupping. Forming a vacuum happens in several ways, depending on what type of cupping we use. For example, we use flames to build a vacuum during fire glass cupping.

How does cupping massage work?

Cupping is like a reverse massage. The mechanical pressure built by cups enhances circulation in the soft tissues. Muscles in our body are prone to pain when they don’t receive enough blood during circulation. It also results in muscles getting stiffer with time. This never-ending cycle can effectively be broken by cupping or other similar techniques.

Who does cupping work for?

At Maximum Potential NW Calgary, our patients who suffer from muscle pain benefit the most from cupping massage sessions. However, unlike most treatments, this treatment does not suit every patient. Cupping is just a tool in your therapist’s reserve to help you get back to movement. We make sure to combine cupping with therapeutic exercise, and various other techniques (advanced neurological techniques, deep tissue techniques, active release technique, myofascial release techniques, relaxation massage, Swedish massage, sports massage) to get maximum results.

All Of Our Therapists Perform Cupping Massages

Vivian Overton Physiotherapist Photo

Vivian Overton


Vivian graduated with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from Queen’s University in 2010. She moved to Calgary and has worked with PT Health since January of 2011. Vivian has a large focus on assessing and treating the body as a whole. She has advanced training in Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS), therapeutic taping, fire-glass cupping,…

January Muhlbeier Physiotherapist

January Muhlbeier


January graduated from University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Physical Education. After a year working as a kinesiologist, she completed her Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from McMaster University in 2013. Having realized that being able to see and experience the mountains were an integral part of her well-being, she returned to Alberta….

Jessica Claflin Physiotherapist Photo

Jessica Claflin


Jessica came to Physiotherapy by way of Veterinary Sciences. As a Veterinary Nurse (Animal Health Technician), she was inspired by the remarkable outcomes she was seeing in my four-legged patients who received physiotherapy. Her desire to learn more motivated me to return to school. She graduated with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from…

Matt Wylie Physiotherapist

Matt Wylie


Matt graduated with a Master’s of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta after completing an undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of Calgary. Originally from the Okanagan, Matt was drawn to the mountains in Alberta to pursue competitive cross-country skiing, staying in Alberta to pursue his education. Matt grew up playing…

Selena Nemeth Massage Therapist Photo

Selena Nemeth

Registered Massage Therapist

Selena is trained in myofascial deep tissue, prenatal, relaxation, orthopedic assessment and treatment of over 20 conditions including a focus on TMJ extra/intra oral massage. She is experienced in Swedish and non Swedish techniques, hydrotherapy, manual lymphatic drainage, joint play and remedial exercise. She will further develop and specialize through continuing education programs and other…

Vanessa Webb Maximum Potential Physio Calgary NW

Venessa Webb

Support Personnel

Venessa works as a Patient Coordinator at Max Potential Physio. She has been around most of the therapies (occupational, physio, speech, etc.) almost her whole life because her older sister was disabled in a car accident in 2005. She has seen firsthand the incredible amount of progress a person can accomplish when they are active…

Cam Morrow Physiotherapy

Cameron Morrow

Physiotherapy Resident

Cameron graduated with a Bachelor’s of Kinesiology from the University of Calgary and joined the Maximum Potential team. Inspired by his time working at the clinic, he went back to school and completed his Master’s of Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta. Originally being from the Okanagan, Cameron has developed a love of the…

Stephanie Kezar RMT

Stephanie Kezar

Registered Massage Therapist

Stephanie has been a RMT for 10 years. She graduated her remedial massage therapy course at Mh Vicars in 2011. Stephanie has treated many array of injuries and conditions in the 10 years she’s been a RMT. Some of which are, scoliosis, TMJD, carpel tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfers elbow, plantar fasciitis, MVA’s and many…

Stephanie Pedersen Photo

Stephanie Giebelhaus-Pedersen

Support Personnel

I worked as a Neuro-rehab nurse at the Foothills Hospital for 10 years before having my 3 children. While my kids were young I co-founded and ran an event management business. During that time I also started an at home bakery business which I still do part time. Now that my kids are older I’ve…

Elise Ager Support Personnel

Elise Ager

Support Personnel

Elise is working towards a bachelors degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and has a passion for health and wellness. Her early start in customer service has established a great value in connection, care, and experience with patients. In her free time you can find Elise in the gym, the mountains, or spending time with her…


Who can perform cupping?

All of our therapists can perform cupping therapy and other forms of treatments such as therapeutic massage, manual therapy, physiotherapy, exercise prescription, IMS / dry needling.

Is cupping therapy painful?

Sometimes, but we gauge the pressure to your comfort. Usually when it hurts, the pain slowly improves, sometimes to the point where it is completely gone. Communication between you and your therapist is crucial. Please tell us if you're uncomfortable or if you have any questions or concerns.

Are there any risks to cupping?

There are certain conditions and certain areas of the body where cupping is not appropriate. Our therapists are aware of all of these situations! The most common and obvious side effect of cupping are the marks that the cups leave on your skin. These marks disappear, don't worry!

Why Choose Maximum Potential Team NW Calgary in Calgary?

We are a multidisciplinary health clinic in Calgary who take an integrated team approach to all your health concerns and provide you with individualized treatment plans. In our one-on-one treatment session you will explore the variety of options for treatment that we offer. You will also be advised appropriately by our health care providers based on individual healthcare goals.

Don't let your concerns keep you from your future goals. Get in touch today for leading a healthy and optimal life.

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