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Ski Specific Assessment & Treatment

Matt Wylie Physiotherapist for Cross Country Skiers
Matt Wylie, PT


Physiotherapy with an experienced competitive cross country skier.

An assessment specific to skiing, including analysis of technique, muscle recruitment and strength.

Review your equipment to make sure everything is fine tuned.

Hands-on treatment to improve mobility, decrease pain and help you with exercises.

An individualized home exercise program to improve upon your weaknesses, increase your performance and prevent injury.

Meet Matt Wylie

I grew up loving everything sport and outdoors. I’ve been cross country skiing as long as I’ve been walking. Throughout years of training and international racing, I had my fair share of aches and pains and learned the value of Physiotherapy. Since retiring from racing, I’ve funnelled my passion for sport and an active lifestyle into coaching, skiing in the mountains and becoming a physiotherapist. I value an active approach to rehab and performance which I supplement with my post-graduate education in orthopedic manual therapy as well as functional dry needling. Whether you are an avid racer, a weekend warrior or someone new to skiing, I can help you achieve your objectives and address your pain.

I have worked with and treated recreational skiers, Olympians, master’s racers as well as those training and competing with the Alberta World Cup Academy. My knowledge of the biomechanics of both skate and classic skiing technique allows me to tailor your assessment and treatment plan to your individual needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your balance, fix your nagging shoulder pain or trying to make skate skiing a little easier, we can work together to find a solution for you.

Read about Ski Specific Assessments below

Ski Specific Assessments

Individualized ski assessments will be designed to address your concerns and to identify your specific strengths and weaknesses. Whether you are skate or classic skiing, my goal is to get you moving easier.   Movement analysis, as well as physical assessments will be completed by performing ski-specific tasks and using video to review your technique on skis.  An intervention plan will be developed to help you reduce your pain and refine your technique - aimed at building your confidence on the snow. Interventions include ski-focussed exercise, on-snow drills, muscle re-patterning techniques as well as hands on manual therapy and adjunct treatments as required.  Common injuries often addressed include neck pain, shoulder tendinosus, glute discomfort, back pain, ankle sprains and Achilles tendinosis. 

Technique Analysis

With the help of modern day video technology, ski technique analysis is easier than ever.  Many injuries can be avoided or managed with changing the way you move on your skis.  Using video to see how you move is the first step to changing how you move! 

Muscle Recruitment

Cross-country skiing is all about efficiency, balance and power and it is important that our muscles are recruited appropriately to ski easier and avoid nagging injuries that develop over time.  Optimizing the timing of muscle recruitment and using appropriate technique can go a long way towards improving your skiing and reducing your pain. 

Strength Assessment

Both skate and classic cross country skiing rely on strength of the lower and upper body.   A ski-specific assessment will be completed to determine where your weaknesses lie and how we can address them to help you reduce your pain and improve your skiing.

Equipment Review

Skate and classic skiing require different equipment!  I can review your ski, boot and pole choices to make sure your equipment is working for you.  If you’re wondering if your poles are too long or why your wax doesn’t seem to be gripping quite right, we can work together to find a solution. 

Hands-on Intervention

In-clinic treatment will be used diagnostically and to help get you moving easier.  All hands on therapy will be in addition to your exercise plan.  Hands-on therapy will include soft issue techniques, intra-muscular stimulation or functional dry needling, cupping or manual therapy including joint mobilizations. 

Therapeutic Exercise

All in-clinic treatment will be accompanied by a home exercise program to address your needs.  Exercises often include components of balance, strength, proprioception and range of motion, all intended to get your skiing faster and pain free!

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