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By a Climber, for Climbers

Climbing Physio Roping Up Picture
Roping up at Owen's River Gorge

Meet Jess Claflin

Climbing feeds my soul. I love the physical challenge of scaling the vertical, the deeply meditative headspace that happens with dancing at the edge of my comfort zone, the spiritual connection the comes being enveloped by nature, and the life-long bonds that have come from belaying, beers and bonfires. I have been fortunate to climb all over North America and always love exploring new climbing spots, but feel so privileged to call the Canadian Rockies my home.

The Climbing Clinic materialized from my passion for climbing. As a Physiotherapist, I have been treating climbers for repetitive-use and climbing-related injuries. Arming you with basic alignment awareness, preventive care routines, and self-management, many injuries can be avoided. If you’ve experienced an injury, my intimate understanding of the sport will guide your climbing-focused recovery.  I intend to be climbing mountains for the rest of my life and I wish give you the quality of movement to do the same!

Jess is a Physiotherapist, Climber and Yoga Teacher

See Jess' personal site at imovespecialist.com

One-on-One Climbing Clinic

One-on-one Climbing Clinic physiotherapy session is designed to review your climbing movement through video and/or photo assessment. Based on your movement abilities I will determine areas to focus on to develop your technique and alignment, muscle recruitment and patterns of movement to enhance your movement gaps, and determine an intervention plan to meet your needs. Interventions may include Movement Awareness drills, hands-on in-clinic tissue treatment, and climbing-specific exercise to optimize your Mindful Movement on the wall.

Technique & Alignment Assessment

Climbing efficiently and effectively increases endurance and prevents tissue overload which predisposes climbers to injury. Reviewing technique will help us identify movement gaps, and areas of improvement

Movement Sequence Evaluation

I will also determine the order and way in which muscles are recruited as you move through your routes. Coordination, timing and balance are key components to channeling your power into grace on the wall and is as important as alignment.

Strength & Mobility Assessment

Your ability to sequence movement and apply technique may be impacted by limit available movement in joints and/or strength limitations or imbalances. Your range of motion and power capacity will also be considered at every stage of your assessment.

Movement Awareness

Being mindful of how you are moving is a powerful tool that will elevate your climbing ability, both mentally and physically. I will empower your movement ability with education of how you are moving and incremental changes you can make to improve it.

Hands-on Intervention

In clinic treatment is used to reset your movement system to help you move with more ease and freedom. Depending on your needs, treatments may include Intramuscular Stimulation, Joint mobilizations or manipulations, Soft Tissue techniques (Myofascial release, Muscle energy techniques, Nerve Glides, etc), and/or Fire glass cupping. Response to a treatment is evaluated to determine the effectiveness of each intervention.

Climbing-Specific Exercises

I will recommend home exercises that will help you maintain progress made in the clinic and provide direction for subsequent treatments. All exercises are designed to be functional on the wall. Each exercise will address strength and mobility, augment coordination of movement or technique drills.

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