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With an undergraduate degree in biological anthropology and a master’s degree in counselling psychology, Leah has a rich academic background. After venturing into the world of counselling, her heart led her back to the clinic in April 2024. Leah’s journey with Maximum Potential spans several years, initially from 2016 to 2018, then 2022 to 2023, and now she’s back, appreciating the friendship and support of her incredible coworkers.

Outside of work, Leah is a mountain-loving outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, running, biking, and snowboarding. She also loves to create art, especially drawing and painting realism. Leah cherishes her family and her partner, and she proudly embraces her identity as a “cat lady,” raising her two beloved cats, Finn and Franny.

Our Team

Stephanie Giebelhaus-Pedersen, Support Personnel
Brittney Grant, Physiotherapist
Vivian Overton, Physiotherapist
January Muhlbeier, Physiotherapist
Jessica Claflin, Physiotherapist
Matt Wylie, Physiotherapist
Joe Kristoffersen, Physiotherapist
Tina Marie Lomond, Registered Massage Therapist
Nishia Richard, Registered Massage Therapist
Samuel Shapiro, Registered Massage Therapist

Maximum Potential Physiotherapy

Email: info@maximumpotentialphysio.ca

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